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  Dear Customer,         
   We're a small family operated LLC serving all of King County and the surrounding areas.We are a licensed, insured and boned business with 25 years of industry knowledge. Our entire team is committed to meeting your needs with top quality work and respect. As a result, 75 percent of our business is from repeat customers and referrals from our Referral Rewards program.
   Our Referral program has been a huge success and we thank you all for your commitment to our growing company. Our rewards are great for landlords and managers as well as residents. Save up to $200.00 yearly for residents and $300.00 yearly for commercial properties. When your property residents choose us for their home we  send your business a $10.00 Referral Reward coupon. For residents it's great too, we all have family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. When they choose D.K. Carpet Cleaning for services we send you a Referral Reward $ 10.00 off any services.
   As a local small business we tailor our services for our customers needs and can always insure first class top quality work. Our president of field operations D.K. him self, has been in the carpet care industry since 1986 and as our top carpet care technician he is always happy to assist each customer with any concerns or questions and our expert advice is always free. We're happy to have you as our customer and would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. We look forward to meeting all your carpet care needs now and through out the years.

We are steam cleaning specialists in all Fabric Furniture,  Carpet Cleaning, Rugs, Mattresses, Flood Damages, Pet Odors, Pet Urine Damages, Cooking Odor or Smoke
Odor, Carpet Repairs of all types, Carpet Stretching, Spot or Full Dyes, Stain Removal, Teflon Protection , Mold and Mildew Protection,  Flea and Insect Control, Auto interior and Motor Homes, Wood Floors, Vinyl Floors,Tile Floors,  and Pressure Washing We use a truck mount White  Magic  steam cleaning system with top of the line cleaning and stain removal products,We also carry just green products, a 4-jet wand for superior cleaning rinsing and the fastest drying time.

          Each cleaning includes: FREEPre-Conditioning Cleaner
                                             FREE Pre-Spotting          
                                             FREEShoe Covers for each person
   APARTMENT  1 BEDROOM - $109.00  Vacant rate $129.00                      
    APARTMENT  2 BEDROOMS - $129.00  Vacant rate $139.00 

    APARTMENT  3 BEDROOMS - $139.00  Vacant rate $149.00  

    SINGLE  AREA CLEANINGS - $89.00 ( up to 200 sq ft.)
    PICK THREE  AREAS - $125.00  (up  to 800 sq ft.)

  WHOLE HOME -$209.00 up to 1200 sq ft. Vacant rate $229.00
  WHOLE HOME-$309.00 up to 2400 sq ft. Vacant rate $329.00
   WHOLE HOME -$409.00 up to 3200 sq ft. Vacant rate $429.00

 WOOD FLOORS - Priced on site FREE estimate

 TILE,VINYL FLOORs - Priced on site FREE estimate

  Read your carpet care or fabric instructions and warranties prior to cleaning

Furniture With  Floor Cleaning -

  • Recliner $35.00
  • Ottoman $15.00
  • Dining Chairs $6.00 each
  • Couches: 3 seats  $60.00 - 2 seats$45.00 -Sectional $89.00
  • Mattresses all sizes per side $25.00
  • Stairs $2.00 each
  • Rugs priced by size and type


  • Couches: 3 seats 80.00 - 2 seats $60.00 - sectional $105.00,
  • Ottoman $25.00
  • Recliner $50.00
  • Mattresses all sizes per side $35.00
  • Dinning Chairs  $10.00 each
  • Stairs $3.00 each
  • Rugs priced by size and type

Bids Done In Person: All repairs to carpets, stretching, fiber inserts, color dyes and bonded inserts.  
Pet URINE Accidents- Dog and cat urine odor and staining can cause serious damage to your carpet, carpet pad and under flooring. Bacteria in their waste can cause serious health issues and should be sanitized immediately. We use a top of the line Enzyme product to break down urine proteins, stop odor, lift staining .We kill bacteria with 185 degree water temperature on all surfaces. Pet cleaning is priced on site.We guarantee our odor removal

Stains- Some stains may be set into your carpet and may not come out with basic cleaning. To treat and remove set stains is priced per stain on site. Starting as low as $10.00 with carpet cleaning. We treat all stains such as  red dye, Juice, wine, coffee, make up, rust, wax, gum, food and more.

Black Filtration Lines - Built up dirt in the corners of your carpet usually along the walls. Is priced per job  on site.
Teflon protect ant- Many new carpets require adding a Teflon product to protect your carpet against stains and spills and can insure the full warranty on your carpets, fabrics and rugs. A Teflon product should be added during each cleaning .Teflon protection is half the price of the cleaning for that  area or item.

Moving furniture charge- A $20.00 moving charge may apply if needed for carpet stretching and repairs if furniture is in the area and needs to be moved to do the job. Is priced per room.

Shoe Covers - One pair free for each member of your home. Plastic shoe covers protect your carpet from dirt transferring from your shoes to your clean carpet and protects socks while your carpet dries and can be reused. Each extra pair $1.00.

Stairs- $2.00 each for both the run and the riser (w/carpet cleaning)$3.00 each for both the run and the riser (only service)

Vacuuming charge- We ask that you pre-vacuum each area of your home your  having cleaned. Debris not vacuumed prior to cleaning can clog our filters. A $15.00 charge may apply if the area being cleaned is not vacuumed. We May also vacuum for you please tell our technician if you need this service .
 Ask us about Mold, Mildew, Flea and Insect control

      Did you know ?
There are over 2 million dust mites living in your mattress or in your furniture and carpets. A mattress or couch 10 years old is made up of 20% dust mites, their feces and skin cells. Dust mites are invisible to our eyes but have a huge impact on our health. The dust mite alone is to big to enter our lungs but there dropping are only 10 microns, small enough to get into our lungs and enter into our blood.These droppings are toxic to our bodies causing illness of many types and degrees. This is why carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning and furniture cleaning its so important for home health safety and sanitation. Let us help you take care of your carpet,floor,furniture or mattresses  for dirt,  stains, germs, and dust  mites.                                              

To ensure your carpet or fabrics dry properly and your cleaning lasts with top quality results we recommend the following:

1. No Walking - Walking on wet carpets causes wicking, fiber damages and stretching.We suggest staying off all main traffic areas.

2. No Shoes - Wearing shoes can soil the clean carpet and black sole shoes can transfer the black color onto light carpets.We recommend wearing the plastic shoe booties provided by our technician.

3. Air Circulation - Allow as much air circulation as possible. You can open windows, use heaters, or fans.

4. Dry Time - Drying time varies depending on air circulation expect 2-4 hours.

5. Browning - Some carpet my brown within 24 hours.Browning is caused by unbalanced ph level in your carpet,usually from the soap or residue left in from the previous cleanings. This is easily corrected by a spray solution.We Include this service.

6. Rippling - Rippling is rare and can happen in some glued down carpets. While wet, air pockets form and cause bubbling  effects under the carpets.This will correct its self as the carpets dry.

7. Teflon protect ant - Teflon protection can insure the warranties on your carpets or fabrics. Many require adding this item at each cleaning not adding this can void the warranties. This helps to repeal water and stop staining.

8. Cushions or Pillows - leave in a up position to dry both sides.   
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